Fast and safe extraction and analysis of data from mobile phones and GPS

Using the right technology mobile products based on Cellebrites expertise in dataextraheringsteknik, it is possible to perform both logical and physical data mining, including recovery of deleted messages and content.

Extensive experience & Broad coverage

Cellebrite has over 10 years experience in mobile computing technologies and offers the broadest coverage today. UFED products can extract and analyze data from more than 3000 phones, including smart phones and GPS devices.
Cellebrites UFED solution is a portable, standalone device that can be used both in the field and in the laboratory.
Cellebrites UFED is the most proven right technical equipment and used by military, police and other government agencies worldwide.

Fast and safe extraction and analysis

Fast and safe extraction and analysis of data from mobile phones and GPS
UME: n transmits your subscribers' mobile phone content - phone book, SMS messages, pictures, videos, ringtones, audio files, and more - from one mobile phone to another, regardless of make, model, technology and service provider / network.
Subscribers can then continue to manage the content and also connect to their social networks with Cellebrites Over-the-Air solution. Cellebrite let your subscribers protect, coordinate, manage and edit the content so that it is always available and never disappears.
Cellebrite lets you keep in touch with your customers.

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