Device Management

Device Management

Our simple and flexible mobile solutions helps businesses to manage and configure the company's mobile terminals according to its predetermined policies.

For businesses, a "Device Management" system, better control, better security and increased efficiency by minimizing downtime. As the number of smart terminals increases today in many businesses, so too does the need to manage, monitor and update these devices in an effective manner.

Do not let the mobile devices become a threat

By mobile devices have become more and more computer-like through the years, it is also important for organizations and companies to manage them safely. Without proper management and implementation of security policies, mobile devices pose security threat if they fall into the wrong hands because they contain information that may be confidential.

Update remotely

Normally, an employee may need to visit the company's IT / ​​Telecom department to make updates to the unit, with a "Device Management" system eliminates that need. Updates are easily online. The contents of a lost, stolen or otherwise lost drive can be easily removed by deleting the information on the device. That way, no sensitive data on a lost or stolen terminals come into unauthorized hands.

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